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Loving Gimp

Recently I have developed a lot of interest in photography. Earlier I used to post photos at flickr but they were not that good as they are now, I feel. I have started using gimp to edit my pictures. Thanks to gimp for helping me to upload better photos. A tutorial has helped me a lot to learn gimp and I am loving experimenting with it. Gimp has also helped me to win the first prize at a photography competition at college. And these days I am getting a few flickr mails where people are asking me how I have edited a particular picture and which software I have used and I am liking it 🙂 . Still there are so many features which are unexplored and I am willing to learn them soon.

And also I am thinking of installing chdk in my camera Canon Powershot S3 IS so that I can take raw photos.

Some of my photos which are gimp edited :
This made me win the first prize on the topic ‘Go Green’ :
Go Green
Some more:
Give me five rupees only !!! Speaking without a word exchangedসেদিনের স্মৃতি ( memories of that day ) ( Explored )

More photos here..


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