Installing Fedora

Yesterday was install fest in our college. We installed F8 in few laptops. Also taught the students basics of using the system. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it. Stickers of fedora, kde and firefox was distributed. You can see more from this blog.

Tomorrow we will be going to NIT Durgapur for some discussions about our lug and also to Bengal College of Engineering and Technology College where there will be an informal discussion about our dgplug, what we do etc.

Also today I installed F8 in my roommate’s computer. Taught her to use the konsole, also taught her few commands. She then practiced everything I taught. She was also enthusiastic about it and said she will be learning more to use it properly.

It’s good to see that the use of linux is spreading in our college 🙂


Inkscape again

Snowman and snow


Colours of joy

Colours of joy

One more try


My first try with Inkscape

After experimenting with various tools in Inkscape, tried little bit of it and finally came up with it 🙂


Learning Inkscape :)

Inkscape —- This term I was hearing for a long time now. As I am always interested in art and innovative ideas was always searching for something like that. Finally today I installed Inkscape in my PC. Studied the links http://howto.nicubunu.ro/ .

The tutorial was very much interesting which invoked me with more interest in it. I am prepared now to study about it and learn more about it. Will be looking forward to any kind of help in this field.

Placed in TCS

31st January was the first campusing of our batch in our college. The company was TCS. It started from 8:30 a.m. First we went for the paper presentation in our Seminar Hall. We got lot of information about the company. After the presentation was over we were divided into batches for the aptitude test. There were total 270 students. I was in the first batch. As soon as our name was announced we went to the computer lab for our online test. It was a test of 90 minutes which consisted of quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning and analytical reasoning. After the completion of the test we were sent to a classroom. We just waited for few minutes. Result of that batch was then announced. I was very happy to listen my name being announced. We were then asked to fill a form which was almost like a CV. Then soon the personal interview started consisting of both technical interview and HR round. I was asked to write few programs and was asked few questions about Object Oriented Programming. I answered them. They did not give me to complete my program, I just wrote few words and they switched over to the next question. I was then asked if I would hesitate to go to a remote place of Africa if I am asked too, also asked me I can travel everywhere or not, all my answers were positive. They asked me few more questions, hobbies etc. Then I was asked to leave. The next day i.e. on 1st February the result was announced and I was selected. So placed in TATA now.

mitwi back on track :)

My project mitwi which deals with “Publication of all man and info
pages for each release through a web interface” is back on track
again. Presently it is hosted under dgplug site.


When you click on the above-stated site you will get an option to
change the language in which you want to view the pages. You can
select the language according to your choice and then you will have to
click on ‘change language’. Your language is change now. Now you can
select any one of the releases. Presently only F7 release is
available. So you will have to select Fedora 7. You have to then
select one of the page types. Presently info pages are not available,
so you will have to select man. Then on clicking on ‘show commands’ it
will show you the names of commands an an alphabetical order. You can
click on any of the commands to view it’s man page.
You also have a search option where you can search a particular
command. On searching a command it’s name, page type and release will
be shown. You can click on the command name to view it’s page. If you want direct link to any man page you can use links like http://mitwi.dgplug.org/man/man1/ls.1.html

You can get this direct link in any man page opened in miwi which is at the top of the page.

There are lot of bugs which I am fixing slowly.