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After having a meetup of the photography group “Incredible Bengal” it was decided to plan our schedules and meetings at IRC, network DALnet, channel #incrediblebengal. Only a few people know about IRC and also all are not techies. The people of this group are Windows, Fedora and Ubuntu users. So I was asked by a senior member Aloke da to write a small “how to use IRC” for the new users. I hope this will help them 🙂

This document covers installing and using X-chat, a popular IRC client.

How to install X-Chat :

Fedora Users :

To check if you have X-Chat installed in your system, type this:

$rpm -q xchat

If its not installed, install it with this:

$su -c 'yum install x-chat'

Now you can open x-chat by Applications>Internet>IRC

For more information see here..

Windows Users:

Download X-Chat from here. After that install it into your system.

Now you can open x-chat by Start>All programs>xchat-2

Ubuntu Users:

To check if you have X-Chat installed in your system, type this:

$dpkg -s xchat

If its not installed, install it with this:

$su -c 'apt-get install xchat'

Now you can open x-chat by Applications>Internet>IRC

How to begin with it:

Now you have already installed X-Chat in your system. After opening the X-Chat window you will have to edit the blanks as shown:


Start with writing your nick. Put a second and a third choice as shown. Then you give in your user name which may or may not be same with the nick and finally write your real name.

After that select the DALnet network and click on edit.


Highlight irc.dal.net there. Write #incrediblebengal at “Channels to join” and close it.

Now click on connect.

Then you are taken to the channel #incrediblebengal where you can see this :


Now you are ready to type here 🙂

Basic IRC commands on DALnet:

For help type this command and then press enter :

/nickserv help


For getting help about a particular command type this and then enter:

/nickserv help <command>


/nickserv help register

For registration of your nick :

/nickserv register <password> <yourmailid>


/nickserv register 12345 mailtoria@gmail.com

After this a verification mail is sent to your inbox and you need to authorize it according to the instruction in your mail.

For identification of user type this and enter :

/nickserv identify <password>

Example :

/nickserv identify 12345

For messaging a person at the main channel:

Use first letter of the person as on the list and then press tab to get the full name.


r+”tab” will do instead of typing ria

For personal messaging:

/msg <user_to whom_you_are_messaging> <message>


/msg ria how are you?

I have written some of the basic commands. Other commands can be used by taking help of the “help” command according to your requirements.

I hope this few things will help the newbies at IRC.


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Loving Gimp

Recently I have developed a lot of interest in photography. Earlier I used to post photos at flickr but they were not that good as they are now, I feel. I have started using gimp to edit my pictures. Thanks to gimp for helping me to upload better photos. A tutorial has helped me a lot to learn gimp and I am loving experimenting with it. Gimp has also helped me to win the first prize at a photography competition at college. And these days I am getting a few flickr mails where people are asking me how I have edited a particular picture and which software I have used and I am liking it 🙂 . Still there are so many features which are unexplored and I am willing to learn them soon.

And also I am thinking of installing chdk in my camera Canon Powershot S3 IS so that I can take raw photos.

Some of my photos which are gimp edited :
This made me win the first prize on the topic ‘Go Green’ :
Go Green
Some more:
Give me five rupees only !!! Speaking without a word exchangedসেদিনের স্মৃতি ( memories of that day ) ( Explored )

More photos here..

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