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Happy Birthday to dgplug

Happy birthday to dgplug :-). Today one more year completes for dgplug. 4 years back it was started by Kushal. Since then, lot of students from every year have participated in this linux user group. Today, we people, staying here at Durgapur gathered together to celebrate dgplug’s birthday with an informal discussion. At about 12:30 pm, 10 of us (me, Subhodip, Arindam, Ajitesh, Amrita, Debashree, Arpita, Sunny, Ratnadeep, Kishan) met at City Center (though arindam was 1 and a half hour late). We went to the food court, sat together and then the discussion started. Subhodip started with a brief introduction of dgplug and the way it started. He then asked us to share our experiences about our precious years we spent with dgplug. Amrita started with the summer training and the way she started with inkscape. She was followed by Arpita and Debashree with similar experiences. They said that they learnt a lot of new things from the training, though never completed reading any book :-P. Sunny then started and said how he is teased in his class for getting involved with all these. He is named as “Sunny Lenovo Linux Sharma” by his classmates (he owns a lenevo laptop). Still he said he never lost his spirit. Then the 2 guys from the 2nd year Ratnadeep and Kishan talked about their experiences. They too talked about the benefits of summer training. In between the discussion was paused for a while for having our lunch. We had delicious food there. Boys paid the bill :-P. After our lunch it was our turn, we people from 4th year. Ajitesh said how he bagan, with working for Bijira. He was followed by a long and detail speech by Arindam. He started from the very beginning and shared his experince in details, specially of the month spent at the training under Indrada (even about what food he had and free of cost :-P). Subhodip in the meantime was counting the months and was waiting for when Arindam will talk about this month after detailing all the months before :-P. He also talked about his SoC experience. Then he talked about his participation in freed.in and how he got involved with open street map which helped him get through SoC. Then it was my turn. I too said little bit of how it began and specially my experiences of summer training. Then Subhodip started by saying, his experiences are almost similar to Ajitesh and Arindam. Juniors asked lot of questions. And at the end of the day Subhodip gave his valuable suggestions and insisted to focus on a single thing rather than trying to do everything together. I was getting late as I had a limited time and I had to return to my hostel. So we hurried up and we went to a icecream stall. We had icecream and this time girls paid the bill :-P. And then finally we all returned after a nice day spent for dgplug. Hope this day is celebrated with all fun and discussion, every year.
Stay long dgplug :-).

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