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Yesterday I did my first file translation in bengali. Though at the beginning I took a lot of time typing, but slowly I increased my speed little bit. I did few mistakes. Later Runadi explained me in details about my mistakes. Arindam also suggested changes. Finally I corrected everything and got my first translated file 🙂


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I started with localization in bengali. I started talking with Arindam about it. He made me understand the entire thing. I took a look at the entire statistics of the translated and untranslated work of bengali localization compared to others. I then had a glance of the kde localization. I will start working with kdebase localization. I did a checkout of both the translated and untranslated pages (translated ones to have them as examples). Later I talked to Runadi about it. I took help of her blog to have the entire set up in my MacBook. Arindam helped me in the entire process. It took a long time in my slow internet connection for the set up 😦 .

But finally everything is ready. I have gone through the translated pages to understand it in a better way. I have saved the keyboard layout for probhat which I will be using. Now I take some time to search a letter from the keyboard and type 😦 , so I need to practice typing in bengali. I will take help of the ankurbangla dictionary for translations.

Hope to do some good translation soon 🙂

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29th June, ’08 marks the beginning of Summer Training started at #dgplug . Now almost a week over in this training. Learned a lot of new things from all the mentors. Debarshi started with shell. Kushal made us explore the vi editor, Prasad taught us programming with C in gcc , mbuf taught us several theories in free software, Parthan cleared our wiki conept.

All classes were very helpful in total. I liked Prasad’s class the most 🙂 .

Hope to learn more at the end of this month 🙂

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