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Yesterday was an important day in the history of our dgplug. The day started with our visit to NIT at about 11:30 a.m. We 5 (me, Kushal, Subhodip, Arindam, Ajitesh and Sunny) went there. We were received by one of the 3rd year students of their lug. We were taken to the Application Lab of the IT Department. Projector was arranged for us and also there was well internet facility. Kushal started with his introduction about our dgplug at about 12:00 a.m. Then all of us introduced ourselves. It was a good and interactive one. Lot of 2nd year students were present including girls. They were eagar to know about the Bijira project which Subhodip explained them. Then Kushal started with the basics like the principles of free software. He explained the ways one can start contributing to the free software projects and also upstream projects. Then IRC was shown to them. It was good for them to see it live. People in IRC were at the big screen, it was really great 🙂 . For the 1st time they got an idea of it. According to the suggestions of Pradeepto in IRC they were taught little bit of subversion. Then the basics of python were taught and they were explained about Google Summer of Code. There was an introduction of indichix, even in IRC Runa_b wrote what indichix is all about which all saw. They were also taught about Bugzilla. In between all these I met with my junior schoolmate who presently studies in NIT. He asked me a lot about GSoC. One more girl came to me asked how she should approach to be selected for GSoC. Finally around 3:00 p.m. discussions were over. Some stickers were distributed. And at last they took us to the Food Court at Wonder La, City Center. We were very hungry and had delicious food there. We then bid them good bye with a hope to always be in contact.

Our NIT programme ended with the start of our new programme in Bengal College of Engineering, Durgapur We had less time. We reached BCET at about 4:30 p.m. The surroundings there was a very formal one. We were taken to their auditorium hall. There four of us went. Kushal started with his speech. Me, Subhodip and Arindam took our respective seats. There were mostly 1st year students at the auditorium. They were not much familiar with the free software world. They were taught with the basics and were explained the benefits of contributing in upstream projects. There was no internet facility there, so we could not show much. It was a one hour and 15 minutes discussion. Stickers were distributed. There too we were offered sweets and some other food 🙂 .

In this way the day came to an end with lot of traveling in colleges and lot of teaching and also good food 🙂 . Hope that this enthusiasm in these colleges does not die.


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Installing Fedora

Yesterday was install fest in our college. We installed F8 in few laptops. Also taught the students basics of using the system. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it. Stickers of fedora, kde and firefox was distributed. You can see more from this blog.

Tomorrow we will be going to NIT Durgapur for some discussions about our lug and also to Bengal College of Engineering and Technology College where there will be an informal discussion about our dgplug, what we do etc.

Also today I installed F8 in my roommate’s computer. Taught her to use the konsole, also taught her few commands. She then practiced everything I taught. She was also enthusiastic about it and said she will be learning more to use it properly.

It’s good to see that the use of linux is spreading in our college 🙂

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