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[ria@localhost man]$ ls
bg  fi            it.ISO8859-1  man2   man5x  man9x         ro         zh_CN
cs  fr            it.UTF-8      man2x  man6   mann          ru         zh_TW
da  fr.ISO8859-1  ja            man3   man6x  nl            ru.KOI8-R
de  fr.UTF-8      ko            man3p  man7   pl            ru.UTF-8
el  hr            man0p         man3x  man7x  pl.ISO8859-2  sk
en  hu            man1          man4   man8   pl.UTF-8      sl
eo  id            man1p         man4x  man8x  pt            sv
es  it            man1x         man5   man9   pt_BR         tr

Never thought of l10n of man pages. So, my previous code will not work with this. The fall back idea is to get all man pages from the binary RPMs and info pages from the source RPMs. Hope will be done within tonight. 🙂


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Got new machine :)

These two days my machine was down. So could not do much work of SoC, now my machine is all right again. I got new cabinet, Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, Intel 945 motherboard and 2 GB RAM.

So ready for work again. Now learning python web programming :-).

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These days I was confused about the way to convert info files into HTML, I did not get anything which can directly convert info files to HTML like man2html which directly converts man files to HTML.

So as I was searching for such a tool I got texi2html ( thanks to Nigel Jones for pointing me to this ) command which can convert the info files to HTML, as info files are written in texi format. 🙂
So I realized that I have to use SRPMs in my project rather than directly using RPM files in order to get the texi files from the source. So I have changed my previous code completely as was in Extractor.py, the new one is coming very soon.

Anyway I am late in sending the time line to my mentor.

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I started learning Perl. I am reading from the book Learning Perl from O’Reilly. It was good starting with the book 🙂

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My work so far for GSoC :

Extractor.py : This file extracts man and info files from RPM files and converts these man pages into HTML pages using the man2html command.

The functions in this file are described below :

getFiles() : This function first gets all the RPM files from the first argument. Then we read the all the name of files contained in those RPM files. From these files we get the man files and the info files. We then move these files to the second argument.

extractFiles() : This function extracts the man files and the info files from the .gz files. So the .gz files are unzipped here.

convert2HTML() : This function converts the man files in to HTML files by using the man2html command.

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